Welcome to The Phoenix Lab. This is an orientation. Everything you will read, see and hear on this site is a property of the site unless otherwise stated. All experiments are under strict compliance to the policy of the laboratory. No animals, human nor any living creature was hurt on the experiments. All procedure are undertaken in accordance to the International Human rights law, International Animal Welfare act or any law pertaining to living things.

Module I : History

The Phoenix Lab first came up when there are so many ideas floating around. Ideas worth launching into reality. But unfortunately, some ideas fade into oblivion with out reaching the drawing board. There are a lot of factors affecting its failure but most of it can be attributed for not having a proper methodology. Ideas were not properly documented, no proper experimental procedure and doesn't follow scientific methods. But that will all end, with the opening of The Phoenix Lab, every ideas will undergo a stringent testing and experiment. Various scientific method will be used. With The Phoenix Lab, every ideas will not go into waste, will not die nor fade into oblivion. Just like the mission of this laboratory, everything will not be lost but reborn.

Module II : Mission & Vision

The Phoenix Lab will act as the launching pad for the ideas. It will also cradle ideas that needs more honing and improving. It will not discriminate any ideas, may it sound absurd nor impossible. All ideas will be treated fairly and objectively.

Module III : Concept and Methodology

The Phoenix Lab is following the mantra that nothing is wasted and everything reborn. It follows the concept of Energy Transfer where no energy is destroyed but is only transformed into another form. Same with the concept of the mythological creature, Phoenix, nothing will be destroyed but instead it will be reborn into a new creature.

Different methodologies and procedures will be used to fit into the ideas being experimented. In order to focus on the subject, the laboratory have a simpler setup. Also the efficient process is put in place.

This conclude the orientation. As you may noticed, information of the laboratory are kept confidential and not given on the orientation. As you go along, you will encounter other briefing that will contain critical information. This will be revealed in its time and its manner. That's all for now and thank you for taking time for the orientation. Good Luck!

The Phoenix Laboratory